What Is A Prenatal Massage?

A prenatal massage is a massage that is specifically designed for pregnant women. It is a safe and effective way to relieve the common discomforts of pregnancy, such as back pain, neck pain, and leg cramps. Prenatal massage can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation.

7 Benefits of Prenatal Massage

There are many benefits to prenatal massage, including:

  • Reduces back pain, neck pain, and leg cramps
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces swelling
  • Helps to prepare the body for labor and delivery

Who Should Get a Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage is safe for most pregnant women. However, it is important to talk to your doctor before getting a prenatal massage if you have any concerns.

What to Expect During a Prenatal Massage

During a prenatal massage, you will typically lie on your side or on a specially designed pregnancy pillow. Mark Reed, LMT, will apply pressure to your muscles, using a variety of techniques, always respecting your pain tolerance level.

Mark Reed, Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, Metro Detroit, Downriver

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced prenatal massage therapist in the Downriver Area or Metro Detroit, I encourage you to contact me. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1992, and I have extensive experience in prenatal massage therapy.

I offer a variety of massage services, including prenatal massage therapy, deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage. I also offer gift certificates for those looking for a thoughtful and caring way to show a pregnant loved one that you care.

To schedule an appointment, please call or text me me at 313-550-8723. I look forward to hearing from you!

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